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Do you want to keep your teeth healthy and white? Do you want to keep a fresh breath? Do you have problems with your gums? Make an appointment for a cleaning!

What can i do for you?

  1. examination of the dental condition and of the tissues surrounding the teeth in relation to plaque-related disorders and on the basis of acquired data, establishing a diagnosis and designing a plan of treatment;
  2. applying dental hygienic treatment intended to prevent or repair disorders of the teeth and to remove or diminish disorders of the surrounding tissues with the exception of the preparation of primary cavities, referred to in part e, under 3°; 
  3. providing instruction about dental health to a person with the aim to stimulate   behaviour that promotes oral health;

Sandra Tanahatoe Born and raised in Friesland moved to Amsterdam to study. In 2010 I graduated from ACTA ( InHolland ) as a dental hygienist+.

Right after my graduation I started working in a dental office and at ACTA (University), department of pediatric dentistry. Through my work on ACTA, I have allot of experience with children.

I am a member of the Dutch Association of Dental Hygienists